Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dear Glorious Life,

I don't know what happened between today and yesterday, but despite still feeling a little bit sick, I am elated. I don't know what it is. Perhaps I'll make a list of all the things it may be:

Maybe it's that I feel so much better (health wise) than yesterday.
Maybe it was seeing that boy scout stuff while discussing Charlie's wedding cake.
Maybe it was tonight's episode of Glee (don't judge, Reader).
Maybe it was seeing many of my good old friends from Mattress.
Maybe it's my awesome antibiotics that look like party pills.
Maybe it's Lady Gaga.
Maybe it's awful popular music from 1999.
Maybe it's the rain, even though that's slowing up yard work.
Maybe it's that the family dog likes me best. (He sleeps with his eyes open, by the way. Creepers.)
Maybe it's my hair.
Maybe it's Sunshine. But that one is scary to think about.
Maybe it's because you just lost The Game.
Maybe my antibiotics that look like party pills really are party pills.
Maybe I'm on the manic side of some undiagnosed manic-depression. But that one's not fun.

Whatever it is, it feel like I'm being hugged by the air itself. It feels like I'm five years old. It feels like Disneyland without lines and everything is free.

The world is glowing, people.

Here. Have one of the most ironically hopeful songs out there.

Love, Tanika

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Tonsils,

This is really really bad timing for you to be red, swollen, and creating huge amounts of stones, thus making me hack and cough and think "Ow" every time I swallow.

Oh, did I mention that my doctor, once again, came up with no diagnosis for what's going on? It's not strep, and because my mom said, "Please let it not be tonsillitis!" during the appointment, he was too afraid to say what it really is, IF it is tonsillitis. So he did his usual "Well, let's slap some antibiotics on like a band-aid and send you on your way!" bit, and now I'm sitting at home feeling like crap.

I really should be outside doing SOMETHING with the yard to help out with Charlie's wedding coming up in a few weeks, but moving hurts. So I'm waiting for this woman to come over so I can type up and print out the addresses to put on the invitations that aren't even here yet. And my whole family is totally stressing out. And now I'm out of commission for the most part, because I can't get anyone else in my family sick three weeks before this wedding.

So please. Give me a break and just be healthy so I can go back to helping my family out. Please, oh please?!

Love, Tanika

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear People who are/know people ages 3.5-18+,

This is my shameless plug.

This June, I am assisting at the UVU/Noorda Youth Theatre Summer Camp. It's a spectacular opportunity for kids and youth to learn about various aspects of theatre from highly qualified specialists, and a great way to meet new people, build self confidence and have fun! The camp runs from June 7th to July 2nd. You can sign up as many weeks of the camp you want with however many classes you want; basically in a "build your own summer camp" format.

Along with classes and workshops, the summer camp is producing three Theatre for Young Audiences productions: 

Super Student and the Case of the Water Pistol (grades 4th-9th)
High School Hamlet (grades 7th-12th)
The Secret Life of Girls (grades 10th-12th)

Auditions are being held THIS FRIDAY, May 14th. You can come prepared with a minute-long monologue, or just take one of the cold reads. They'll even let you say your name five different ways if you want; they just want to see what you can do. 

To register, call 801-863-8012. For details, click here for the Facebook event page and here to download brochures for full class/workshop schedules and information, SCHOLARSHIP opportunities and for online registration. I promise, if this sounds like an opportunity you or your friends may even be vaguely interested in, you should check it out and sign up for classes. You do not want to miss out!

Love, Tanika

P.S. In case you were wondering, the classes I'm assisting in are Story Book Drama for classes ages 3.5-4.5, 4-5, and K-1st grade during the 3rd week, Storytelling: Personal Tales for grades 10-12, and Improv for grades 7-9 in the 4th week. If you or someone you know are in the right age group for my classes! You know you want to come play with me.